Kitchenware can often become hard to manage due to inefficient storage space. Here are some ways you can optimise your kitchen storage space.

Store Utensils in a Drawer

Separate all your cooking utensils and neatly organise them in a cutlery tray or drawer, so you can easily find whatever you require without having to skim every corner of your kitchen.

Install Hooks to hang Cups

Cups and mugs can take a lot of shelf space. However, you can optimise your storage space by installing hooks under your high shelves or cabinets to hang your cups and mugs with handles.

Add a Pot Rack

Your pots and pans take a lot of storage space. You can make use of the ample vertical space above your kitchen counters to install a pot rack to help you hang the pans that take too much storage space.

Get Baskets and Bins

Get some aesthetically pleasing baskets and bins to store your fruits and vegetables to prevent your counters from getting cluttered and messy. Food storage containers can help you keep your grocery neatly organised while helping you save more counter space.

Utilise Open Wall Space

Make use of your open wall space; it has so much potential to provide space for storage. You can install shelves, pegboards, or a fold-down table to optimise the space.

Add Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips can help save counter space by eliminating the need for a knife block. The magnetic strips can also help you store other metal cutlery.

Make Use of Cabinet Doors

The inside of your cabinet doors can provide you with various storage opportunities. You can install hooks or thin racks to store lids, pans, plastic wrap, boxes of foil, and serving spoons.

Install Rolling Shelves

Adding rolling shelves inside your cabinets not only helps to optimise storage space but also helps you keep your kitchenware organised and easily accessible.

A kitchen with vast storage space

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