Your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Treat it with care, stock it with all the essentials, and have a space designated for everything. The kitchen is not only for cooking, but also for eating, visiting friends and family, and hosting guests. Of course it’s hard to make sure you’re dedicated to all these needs when you’re running low on kitchen space!

Fortunately there are plenty of innovative solutions for maximizing space that don’t sacrifice style or function.

1) Use Both Sides Of Your Kitchen Island

If your kitchen island is situated on the right side of your workspace, you can still utilize those extra inches by placing a small desk on the left.

2) Maximize Storage Space With Open Shelves

A kitchen can be so much more than just a place to cook and entertain. It can also be a place for storage. This simple idea utilizes vertical space by creating open shelving for all your extra supplies, food items, and other items you don’t use on a daily basis. You can also upgrade these shelves to add more functionality later on.

3)  Consider Under Cabinet Shelves

If your cabinets are mounted on the wall, consider installing under-cabinet shelves to make more space available for food storage. Depending on your style, you may be able to offset this by also adding backsplash tiles to the underside of your cabinets.

4) Play With The Light To Make Your  Kitchen Seem Spacious

Artful use of lighting is the secret to making the space feel open and airy. Use day lighting, task or accent lighting to make your kitchen seem like it’s larger than it is. Consider using dimmers in your overhead lights for when you want to use the kitchen for entertaining.

kitchen and dining space

5) Choose The Right Kitchen Colors

Dark colors make small spaces look smaller, and light colors help them look bigger. Light-colored cabinets will reflect light, creating a larger appearance in comparison to dark cabinets that absorb light and draw attention to themselves. If you’re considering painting your cabinets, white is the best solution to create an open look in your kitchen.

6) Use The Space On The Wall

Above your cabinets, you would typically install shelves. However, there is also space on the wall underneath your cabinets that’s just as useful. Install open shelves to maximize the extra space that is already available to you.

There are plenty of ideas that you can use to wisely utilize the space in your kitchen and customizable options are the best. Reach out to Ranauta Interiors to avail the best modern designer furniture options for your kitchen and home. We are a furniture manufacturer in Harrow, Kensington, and Watford that designs bespoke furniture, including Bespoke wardrobes Watford, Bespoke wardrobes Harrow, Bespoke Furniture Harrow, and furniture for offices.

Bedrooms are your refuge, your private oasis—home to the most personal of tasks.

That’s why you should take time to think about the design and decor of the room. One would not forget to install carpets or curtains in their bedroom, but it’s just as important to invest in your closet. Here is why a bespoke wardrobe is necessary for your bedroom.

1. Storage Space Is Important

This is the first thing that you need to consider before buying a closet. We all want our clothes to be sorted neatly, but not if it means that your space is limited. In this case, it is always better to get a bespoke wardrobe with lots space and storage possibilities.

2. Customisation Options Are Infinite

It is best to design your own bespoke storage spaces because the customisation options are endless. Depending on what you think is necessary, you can get extra space for shoe racks, shelves, or drawers.

Bespoke wardrobes can be made using various wood species and finishes, which can accommodate any design vision. This way, you get the most suitable closet possible for your room.

3. Fits In Awkward Spaces

It can be hard to find a traditional wardrobe that will fit in today’s more compact homes. Bespoke wardrobes can be tailored to fit into whatever awkward space you have in your home.

4. Personalised Storage Solutions

You are the only one that knows what you need. The sizes of your clothes can vary from heavy to light, depending on your day-to-day activities. By choosing the right bespoke wardrobes, you will get customised storage solutions that can easily accommodate your clothes’ different sizes.

trendy wardrobe

6. Maximise Space

By customising it with your own designs, you can maximise space as long as the wardrobe will accommodate your belongings and outfits.

Bespoke furniture options have been around for a while now, and they have been helpful in thousands of homes. If you’re planning to get your own bespoke bedroom furniture, reach out to Ranauta Interiors. We are a modern furniture manufacture service in Watford, Harrow, and Kensington and can create Bespoke wardrobes Watford, Bespoke wardrobes Harrow, Bespoke Furniture Harrow suited for your exact needs. Contact us today!

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