A minimalistic look

Minimalistic homes are devoid of clutter, but they don’t have to be devoid of life and character. They can be super calming and comforting if the right steps are taken.

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The Benefits of a Minimalistic Home

So, why should one consider this minimalist approach anyway?

Here are a few benefits that minimalistic homes offer:

They are Calming

Clutter is distracting and stressful. It draws our attention and negatively impacts concentration. The less cluttered a place is, the less stress we take on. This is why minimalistic homes are calming.

They are Appealing

Minimalist homes incorporate beautiful furniture and decor. The design elements integrate clean, straight lines and solid colours, making them visually appealing.

Easy to Clean

Another reason why anyone should consider a minimalistic look for their home? They’re super easy to clean! There’s no real stuff lying around that needs sweeping and vacuuming all the time.

A minimalistic look

Creating a Minimalistic Look

There are a few things to consider when going for this look, including fewer things and the right furniture.

Focus On One Room at a Time

You can’t just uproot your entire house and go minimal unless you’re moving to a new place. It’s a better idea to start off with one room at a time.

The Right Furniture

How do you start the process though? By choosing the right furniture. Furniture pieces take the most space in a room, so always start with simple furniture. For this look, the fewer furniture pieces you have, the better.

Go over all the furniture items and see which ones can be removed without reducing your comfort. Choose a few plain and simple furniture pieces with neutral or monochromatic solid colours.

Keep the Essentials

Scrutinize everything in your room and ask yourself if they’re essential items that you need. If you can do without it, take it away. Keep the bare minimum and the essentials.

Clear Out the Floors, Surfaces, and Walls

Now, focus on the floors of your home or room. There should be no clutter, nothing stacked or stored. After clearing out the furniture strip the floor clean, and the surfaces as well. Don’t put any decor pieces except for just a few. As for the walls, clear them completely except for a piece or two, ideally minimalistic artwork.

Storage Space

If you don’t have the storage space, you can always contact our professionals. We provide excellent quality contemporary and minimalistic storage for rooms. You need to have ample space to put everything you don’t need out of sight in a place that doesn’t look bad. Even the bookshelves you have should be clean except for a few books and decorations.

Simple Wall-Art and Decor

Simple artwork is core to minimalistic interior design. Choose paintings or artwork that incorporate solid colours and minimal elements. Don’t overdo it with the wall art—leave most walls bare.

For decor, one or two simple pieces should be enough. A flower case or a potted plant do well in a minimalistic home. If your home has a neutral colour scheme, go for bright decor pieces.

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