A kitchen with modern designer furniture, Watford

A clean, modern, and minimalistic looking kitchen is unbeatable. It’s warm, beautiful, and very workable! Modern doesn’t mean basic at all, with the number of options you have, your overall style will end up looking complete and perfect with pops of colour, textures, and patterns.

Renovated kitchen by the kitchen furniture manufacturer in Kensington

Here’s how you can design your modern looking kitchen.

Start With Cabinets

For that modern look, choose dark cabinets. They’re a popular option that goes great with the rest of the kitchen design and look, giving it an instant warmth and sleekness.

Stainless Steel for All

Stainless steel is an all-time favourite modern choice. Use it for the kitchen surface where you’d clean or cut up food. It also makes a great option for appliances, hardware, faucets, and sinks. Because of how readily available stainless steel is, you can easily incorporate it into your designs.

A kitchen with modern designer furniture, Watford

Marble Counters

Marble is the best material that you can choose for countertops. It’s long-lasting, durable, and doesn’t lose its look over time. It goes great with modern-looking stainless steel appliances, and it’s easy to clean up as well.

Geometric Light Fixtures

The kitchen is also where you sit and enjoy your meals. Add in some modern light fixtures or a large chandelier around the kitchen. Choose geometric shapes as they scream modern, and add in some retro chairs around geometrically shaped tables.

Open Shelving

Another modern choice is opting for open shelving. It’s great for storage and to show off some décor. You can allow your accessories to show by converting your cabinets to open ones.


Choose the kind of tiles that work for you. You can go for the classic, white subway tiles that spruce up the modern look; add in some darker shades to make the whites pop out and make the space look inviting and open.
You can also go for colourful mosaic tiles to retain modernity with colour and customization.

Add in Some Color

Do you know how modern themes use neutrals and whites? Add in some colour with this base in the forms of vases, flowers, kitchenware, or colourful cabinets to give it that bright, attractive look.

Add in Wood for Warmth

Modern is dominated by whites but adding in some wood to surfaces brings warmth to an otherwise cold and lifeless kitchen.

Keep It Simple

Modern designs are minimalistic. Focus on the space, appliances, and countertops and keep it simple. Add in intricate details, focal points, bright colours and stack away anything cluttery or messy. Have plenty of storage space ready.

Whatever it is that you choose, keep the colour palette consistent and make sure it all blends in together as one piece.


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